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Travel Inspirations Top Ten Travellers Tips….

So after a 100 years of collective travel experience between us, here are our top 10 tips for packing your suitcase to take the stress out of your holiday…

1.       Never take full sizes of shampoo/conditioner/shower gel – always decant your faves into smaller lightweight plastic containers. They weigh less and are re-usable.


2.       Use lightweight luggage. If you haven’t invested in new luggage in the last 5 years, weigh your empty case… you may be surprised how much its weighs unfilled!


3.       Use sun cream that only needs to be applied once a day – Travel Inspirations LOVE Ultrasun

sun cream

4.       Use ziplock plastic bags to pack your liquids in your case- not only are they good for making sure damage is limited if the bottles leak, you can pack your dirty laundry in them on the way home.


5.       Always pack a spare set of undies and socks in your hand luggage – invaluable if your flight gets delayed.


6.       Roll your clothes …don’t pack them flat; you can fit more in and they have less creases when you get to your holiday destination.


7.       If you going to a tropical paradise take your own mosquito spray- Travel Inspirations LOVE Expedition plus insect repellent by Lifesystems.


8.       Treat yourself to audio books – down load them on your mobile or electronic reader/tablet and lie back and listen. No need to use up your weight allowance with heavy books anymore.


9.       Girls- pack a couple of scarves; they can double up as sarongs, pack really small and can be used as a wrap in cooler evenings


10.   Always take a pack of tissues in your hand luggage….you never know when they will come in useful


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