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Travel Inspirations Hits Rome!… Day 2!

Vatican City and so much more!

So we started our day with a fab buffet breakfast in the Marcella royal hotel and finished our coffee on the rooftop terrace in 18 degrees- really this place just keeps giving.Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome

We were out for 10 and on our mission to catch the Omnia bus which was included in our 3 day pass deal.
The bus was quick to arrive and we took a leisurely journey around Rome eventually getting off at Castel St Angelo.

Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome
Despite being packed with tourists as everywhere is in Rome, we took a stroll past it and onto the bridge which is overlooked by angels designed by Micheal Angelo.

We then headed for the Vatican City where we were due to gather at 1pm to, according to Omnia passes.. ‘avoid the queue’.
When we arrived I had no hope at all that they would be able to achieve this heady claim as there were literally thousands queuing to get in…but how wrong was I.. at 1pm precisely a lady with a moth eaten orange scarf on a stick arrived and marched the gathered group of about 50 of us around the outside of the walls of Vatican City to the museum entry point st the rear…I still wasn’t hopeful. Still she carried on and with a flick of that scarf on a stick we were in – no queuing, no waiting , no sweating.

sistene chapel sistene Rome Rome
The experience of Vatican City itself can’t be adequately described in a blog but in summary it was a demonstration of the most delicate and accomplished skill whether that was architectural, tapestry or painting. The ceilings were breathtaking and the mosaic floors stunning. My husband kept telling me that this was just the warm up act in preparation for the main event of the Sistine chapel.

He was right.

It’s packed full of tourists from every corner of the world, the guards know how to say silence in 10 different languages but the absolute beauty of the paintings are hard to take in. Vibrant and ethereal are the best I can do to describe that experience. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I challenge you to see this and fail to be touched by its sheer exquisite execution.

Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome

We ended the day by booking a reservation in a restaurant where they are lauded as serving some of the best lasagne…. we had a couple of aperol spritzers to start – apparently it’s the law to start your meal this way and who am I to challenge the law- a couple of starters , lasagne for 2, a tiramisu to share – well we are on holiday- a couple of espressos and a great bottle of Merlot- all for 96 euros.

Rome Rome Rome Rome
Night caps were a godfather ( ameretto and scotch), and a rusty nail ( drambuie and scotch) and we go to bed ready for our escorted tour to the Collesium tomorrow.

Top tips for today are..

  • Keep looking up and down…not just what’s in front of you!
  • Book your Vatican City through the Omnia pass company – we booked ours via Travel Inspirations – they really do what they say on the tin
  • Don’t forget your sun cream
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